We both began woodworking as teenagers. Each of us experienced an immediate passion for the craft and saw the possibility of an amazing life as woodworkers.

Our team is committed to excellence in our trade; artisans building a legacy of extraordinary work. We’re grateful for our rich network of colleagues, sawyers and suppliers who are a valued part of what we do.




"What we're up to with Kingsley Quality Woodworking Inc. is fulfilling visions through extraordinary craftsmanship." Chelsey always has an eye on making life better for their clients, the team & their families, and her community of trades people.

Chelsey has a broad background in the arts and business. She has trained in unique apprenticeship positions. “I learned the skills and techniques of my trade, but beyond that, I was invited into the lives of people at the top in their field. With each of them I learned an approach to life that was about seeking the pinnacle of experience in anything from the best chocolate croissant to the perfect curve of a piece. We are always listening for what is at the heart of what our clients are seeking, what kind of curve is their perfect curve?"


John is a wood shop rock star. He began tackling the massively complicated over 25 years ago. This means that he can build you anything you want! John’s furniture maker training puts the quality of experience at the heart of why we build things the way we do. “When I was young there was something possible in creative woodworking, I grew up in the heyday of Wendell Castle and Gary Knox Bennett. In the mid 80's the world of contemporary woodworking was expansive, outrageous and prestigious and I wanted to be part of it.” After RIT’s School for American Crafts Furniture Design program, John landed a dream job building furniture for some of the country’s top furniture makers at the Peter Joseph Gallery satellite shop in Freeville, NY. John has expanded the scope of the business to include a full range of high quality custom woodworking.